Bladder Cancer

Texoma Urology has treated bladder cancer since ***, and has stayed on the leading edge of cancer care.

This cancer typically arises in men in their 60s-70s, and requires diligent follow up.

We are happy to provide the North Texas area with advanced cancer care and surgical expertise which has spanned decades.

What types of surgeries are performed for bladder cancers?

Bladder biopsies

Bladder tumor resections

Partial Cystectomies

Cystectomies (removal of the entire bladder)

Do you ever need chemotherapy for bladder cancer?

The majority of bladder cancers diagnosed do not need IV chemotherapy medications. Chemotherapy may be required in certain situations, especially for more advanced cancers. Some chemotherapies can be given locally in the bladder, and others require infusions.

How do I know if I have bladder cancer?

The most common symptom of bladder cancer is blood in the urine. If you have blood in the urine, this is something that requires investigation by your primary physician or a urologist. 

Bladder cancer generally requires many years of follow up.

Let us guide you through your cancer care.