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Take a long weekend and be back to work before you know it! Vasectomy is an in-and-out clinic procedure, generally lasting 15-30 minutes. We have performed this permanent procedure thousands of times. We are comfortable and fully equipped and are here to guide you through each step. With local anesthetic and experienced hands, Texoma urology is happy to provide permanent birth control without the hassle.

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What does the vasectomy day look like?

Vasectomies can be performed under gas anesthetic (nitrous oxide), light sedation, or oral pain control. You will need a driver for the trip home. The procedure lasts 15-30 minutes and patients are comfortable throughout the experience. Ice packs and scrotal support for 2-3 days is helpful for post procedural discomfort and swelling. Sexual intercourse can be resumed after one week. Most patients can resume work after a long weekend. 

What exactly is my surgeon doing?

The Vas is a small tubular structure that connects the testis (that create the sperm) to the urethra (the channel that emits the semen). First you will receive pain control from one of the discussed methods. Our experienced surgeons will bring this small tube up to the surface of the skin, and either with a no scalpel or scalpel technique separate that tube from the surrounding tissue. When the small tube (like a piece of angel hair pasta) is cleared the tube is divided, and either cauterized, clipped, or suture ligated to ensure the tube does not reconnect.

The failure rate of vasectomy is <1/2000 and minor complication rates generally <1%.

It is a very safe and thoroughly studied surgical procedure.