Green Light PVP


Prostate blockage can be a daily hassle. GreenLight laser therapy can remove the blockage and provide lasting results.

This laser technology that has been improved over two decades, with over 1 million men treated worldwide. GreenLight Laser Therapy system is an innovative use of laser technology to ablate prostate tissue.

Prostate Blockage is removed allowing an easier flow of urination that can last decades
Taking medications is cumbersome, and after GreenLight prostatectomy, most men find their lives improved.

GreenLight Laser prostatectomy utilizes photovaporization, with immediate removal of the blocking prostate tissue. GreenLight Laser Therapy has a short or no hospital stay, short catheterization time, minimal bleeding, and a fast recovery.

Is GreenLight Right For You?

What are the risks?

All Surgical treatments have risks. The potential risks include bleeding, irritative symptoms, retrograde ejaculation and urinary tract infection.

How long does it take until symptoms are relieved?

Most patients experience relief of symptoms and improvement in urine flow within 24 hours of the procedure. However, medical history, health conditions, and other factors can influence treatment and recovery.

Will I continue to need prostate medication after the GreenLight procedure?

Most patients are able to discontinue taking their prostate medication within a few weeks after the GreenLight procedure

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