A lifestyle choice Worth Making

Enlarged prostates can be a hassle for everyday life. Surgical options don’t always have to mean hospitalization. The REZUM procedure is an innovative approach combining thermal therapy and a small scope to provide quick relief.  

Most Men after REZUM

Hassle Free

Home Same Day

Enhanced Recovery

Treat your BPH without big surgery, drugs or their side effects.

Rezum uses the natural energy stored in water to deliver steam to the prostate with precision. The extra prostate tissue that is growing into the urethra is removed.

This leaves an open pee channel and patients see relief quickly and effectively

Rezum golf, Rezum travel, Rezum your life.

What can I expect on procedure day?

Generally this procedure can be done in the clinic or the surgery center/hospital. The actual procedure only takes a few minutes, however plan to spend a few hours at the center/appointment. Most patients keep a catheter to drain the urine for a few days after the procedure to ensure lasting results. 

What can I expect after the procedure?

After your catheter is removed, some men may experience some irritation of the pee channel, however this is usually very temporary and relieved with over the counter medications. Some times a catheter is kept in place for a few days to ease urination during the healing process. 

Within a few weeks you will likely be able to resume all activities and most patients see a response within two weeks.

We will be there to guide you through the process.


An enlarged prostate can restrict or even block the urethra completely.


The Rezum™ device releases water vapor into the problem spot.


The excess prostate tissue is removed, allowing flow through the urethra.