Robotic Prostatectomy

Robotic surgery has elevated cancer care.

Robotic prostatectomy is performed on a Da Vinci Robotic platform and combines technology with surgical precision. 

Patients can go home the same day, or the day after surgery. 

Having your prostate removed is a big surgery, but the robot assisted technology allows for quicker return home and return to day to day life. 

Surgical precision. Enhanced Recovery.

What can I expect on the day of surgery?

The robotic prostatectomy takes around 3 hours to complete. Patients can expect to take several hours to “recover” after anesthesia before sitting in a chair and walking.  After the procedure you will be able to eat, drink, and walk, which is encouraged. A catheter will be left in your bladder to allow healing after the surgery, and the catheter will be removed by your urologist about one week after surgery.

What happens after surgery?

After surgery you will be a little groggy for a few hours, but most patients are walking and eating a few hours later.  The catheter will be kept in the bladder for about 7 days after surgery, to allow the urine channel to heal. 

What happens when I get home?

Usually patients are walking easily by the time of discharge from the hospital. Heavy lifting >10lbs, straining with lifting, and running is generally discouraged until 3 weeks after surgery. This allows the body to heal and reduces hernia risk. 

You will have an appointment with your doctor around a week after surgery for a check up and to have your catheter removed.  


Let us guide you through your care.

Urologic care is provided 24/7, and a doctor is always on call for any questions/concerns in the process.