Testicular Cancer

Cancer in the testes is usually caught very early, and generally has a very high cure rate.

Testicular cancer comes in many shapes and sizes, but the first step in treatment is generally to remove the testis with the mass which is done by a urologist.

Specialized doctors called pathologists look at the testicle under a microscope, and determine what type of cancer is inside.

Texoma Urology Center has been taking care of testicular cancer for many years, and has continued to cure patients with testis cancer.

What happens to my testosterone if my testicle is removed?

Luckily, most men have a normal testosterone level even if one testis is removed.

What happens to my fertility if I have testicular cancer?

If one testicle is removed, some men may see a small decrease in their fertility potential. Many men may opt for freezing their sperm before treatment to facilitate any future pregnancies.

How do I perform a testicle exam?

Monthly testicular exams are a way to check for a tumor early. After you take a warm shower you can visually inspect the scrotum, and make sure you do not see any lumps or bumps. You can also carefully examine the testicle by rolling it between your fingers to check for any lumps. If you feel anything abnormal, generally your urologist or primary care physician will perform and examine and order a scrotal ultrasound to ensure there is nothing dangerous.

What imaging do I need?

If there is concern for a testicular mass or cancer, the first imaging needed is a scrotal ultrasound to look for any masses. Sometimes this is followed with a CT scan if there is concern for a mass.